Aly Stadtlander’s Marathon Run Raised $10,000 for Uganda Lunch Program

By Barb McBreen

Spending spring break in Uganda changed Aly Stadtlander’s world.

She traveled to Uganda to study with the Iowa State University Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods program and worked with the school garden and lunch, nutrition education centers and livestock integration programs.

The moment she realized she wanted to do something more was when she learned that children only get one nutritious meal a day during school. Stadtlander, a junior in animal science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, said she noticed students trying to store food to eat later in the day and share with their siblings. That's when she knew she had to help. 

Since she was a runner, she decided to get sponsorship to run the IMT Des Moines Marathon in October. She set a goal at $500 a mile and with 115 sponsors she was able to raise more than $10,000.

“I couldn’t have done this without the generosity of the community that I grew up in, Manning,” Stadtlander said. “They are so supportive and always giving.”

When asked why it was important to her she said, “I grew up in a household and community that emphasized service before self. I truly just have a passion to help others.”

Stadtlander will return to Uganda for a six-week service learning program this summer. Stadtlander plans to attend veterinary school and at some point use her skills to address food insecurity issues.

In addition to Stadtlander's contribution, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched to support the work of Iowa State University’s Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods to end hunger and improve children’s education in Uganda's Kamuli District. By making a gift online you will contribute to the center’s school garden and lunch programs. Support raised will provide learning opportunities and nutritious meals to almost 3,000 children on each school day. The campaign runs through Jan. 3. More

Dec. 12, 2019