Iowa Monarch Consortium Receives Iowa Agriculture Leader Award

The Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium was one of four groups that was presented the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Leader Awards at the Iowa Agriculture Leaders Dinner on March 6.

The consortium is a community-led organization whose mission is to enhance monarch butterfly reproduction and survival in Iowa through collaborative and coordinated efforts of farmers, private citizens and their organizations.
The eastern monarch butterfly population has experienced an 80 percent decline over the past two decades. One of the causes for population decline is loss of milkweed habitat in the spring and summer breeding ranges of the United States. Iowa is in the center of the monarch’s summer breeding range, and roughly 40 percent of all monarch butterflies that overwinter in Mexico are estimated to come from Iowa and neighboring Midwest states.

The award winners recognized were:

  • Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium for Leadership in Collaboration
  • Sarah Carlson with Practical Farmers of Iowa for Leadership in Conservation 
  • Myron and Ellen Kloubec, Kloubec Koi Farm in Amana for Leadership in Industry Development
  • Wold Rim and Wheel of St. Ansgar for Innovation in Agriculture Manufacturing

The Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Leader Awards were created to recognize, honor and promote Iowa citizens, companies and organizations who have made significant contributions to Iowa’s agriculture industry.  Those recognized have displayed leadership within the categories of Innovation, Conservation, Collaboration and Industry Development.

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