Helping Youth Get Involved in the Swine Industry

By Ellen Bombela, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Communications Service

Lexi Delaney has been involved in the swine industry her whole life, and she plans to keep it that way. 

Delaney, a senior in animal science and agriculture communications at Iowa State, grew up on a diversified cow, calf and show pig operation in De Witt, Iowa. She participated in 4-H and FFA when she was younger which sparked her passion for the swine industry, but that was just the beginning.

During her college career she has been involved in several swine industry related activities including being the president of Block and Bridle Club and the vice president of the National Junior Swine Association (NJSA) 一 Junior Board of Directors.

Delaney is involved with NJSA to support the kids that are a part of the organization, which she was also a part of in her childhood. Delaney received the Distinguished Service Senior Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council for her work and commitment to youth.

“I want to create a drive and passion in the kids and be a role model for them,” Delaney said. “Seeing the kids growing up over the years and knowing that I’m a small part of building that passion is very rewarding.”

Study abroad trips are also something that Delaney has been involved with during her college career. By the time she graduates from Iowa State, she will have been on four study abroad trips. She’s traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands, China, Japan, Ecuador, Scotland and England.

“I enjoy study abroad opportunities because we get first hand experience in another country developing an appreciation for their culture, learning about their agriculture systems and enhancing our comprehension of international relationships,” Delaney said. 

During her time at Iowa State, Delaney has learned important life lessons. The first was time management.

“Whether it’s school work or clubs, it’s important to prioritize,” Delaney said. “Learn how to study and what works for you because not everybody is the same.”

Another lesson Delaney has learned is to get involved and work hard.

“Genuine hard work is a daunting task but gets noticed and pays off in the end. Everybody knows what hard work looks like and they can truly tell when you have that passion,” Delaney said. “When you graduate you want to be able to look back and be proud of what you did.”

Delaney will graduate in May and has accepted a position at Swine Genetics International. S¬¬¬he will work in marketing and communications and plans to stay professionally involved with the swine industry.

“I want to continue to give back to the industry and the programs that have shaped me into the person that I am today,” Delaney said. “I hope to continue in the aspect of youth development side of the industry and hopefully work in the swine industry for the rest of my professional career.”


April 30, 2018