Working to Eliminate Hunger

Jasmine Roberts is from Montgomery, Alabama and currently attends Tuskegee University. Roberts is working with Angela Shaw, a food science and human nutrition assistant professor, researching agricultural cooperatives and local foods. Roberts is looking forward to improving her writing and communication skills for her master’s degree in public relations, which she will pursue after graduation in May.

Why is your research so interesting?
“Essentially, everything that we eat has to come from somewhere and it’s important to know where it comes from and what it takes to get there. Agribusiness is a field where you can learn the many benefits of self-grown produce as well as food production.”

What advice do you have for someone who has a passion for science?
“Be sure to find something that interests you. Try new things for internships because they give you a chance to explore.”

If you could have one superpower related to science, what would it be?
“To solve issues with our nation’s food supply.”

What is something you’d like to scratch off of your bucket list?
“Spend a weekend on a yacht.”

What do you like most about Ames?
“There are many opportunities for agriculture.”