Studying Benefits of Organic Farming

Jade Harrison is from Kansas City, Missouri and will soon graduate from the University of Central Missouri. Harrison is working with Georgeanne Artz, an agricultural economics assistant professor, researching the profitability of organic farming and future trends in the United States. Harrison is looking forward to gaining experience, which will prepare her for graduate school.

Why is your research so important?
“The future of agriculture is extremely important and with the growing population, feeding people and protecting the Earth’s environment are important. We must consider the best method to provide food for everyone.”

How do you feel this experience will help you with your goals in life?
“It has allowed me to meet many people in this field and explore career options.”

What words of advice do you have for someone who has a passion for science?
“Push through the hard parts and always ask questions. It’s okay if you don’t understand but you’ll never learn if you don’t ask.”

What do you like most about Ames?
“I love the chipmunks and bunnies I get to see everyday. They make me so happy!”