Mentoring For Success

by Allie Rossman

Sue Lamont, an Iowa State University animal scientist, was recently recognized for her contributions to diversity at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with its Diversity Enhancement Award.

Lamont is known at Iowa State as a strong role model for women in science. She began her career as the first female faculty member in the Department of Animal Science, specializing in poultry science. She thrived in this setting, advancing though faculty rankings, becoming a C.F. Curtiss distinguished Professor in Agriculture and Life Sciences, and eventually serving as department chair from 2001-2003.

Don Beermann, department chair of animal science, says, “Dr. Lamont is a talented, internationally renowned teacher and researcher who is dedicated to enhancing awareness and preparedness of students pursing STEM careers.”

Lamont used her personal experiences as a female faculty member to serve as a mentor for women faculty in the college and Iowa State’s STEM program. She demonstrates her support within research, recruitment and mentoring programs with several students, many being international females with a diverse background.

Lamont is active in STEM as a mentor and adviser. She has been a mentor for interns in the George Washington Carver Summer Internship program, the McNair program and George Washington Carver graduate fellows. As a mentor, she stands out because of her enthusiasm and commitment to making ISU a more diverse and welcoming environment for STEM female faculty.

“She has taken them under her wing and nurtured her mentees to be successful. Because of her ongoing commitment and willingness to make a difference, she has been instrumental in changing the climate in the department as well as the college,” says Maynard Hogberg, former animal science department chair.

Her leadership as a mentor has influenced the rest of the faculty. Serving as the equity adviser, she is the primary leader of efforts in the college to transform STEM fields for women and faculty of color. She strives to engage faculty and administrators by delivering workshops and becoming a positive change agent.

In addition, Lamont has devoted time and effort on a Women’s and Diversity Grant to bring to Iowa State experts to present workshops to faculty on improving work-life satisfaction and the importance of mentoring relationships.

Lamont has made a positive difference in the college and the university as a whole. She is widely recognized for her publications, federal grants, multiple book chapters, national presentations and national scholarship awards.