Inspired to Become a Soil Scientist

Larencia Williams is from Mobile, Alabama and currently attends Tuskegee University. Williams is working with Brian Hornbuckle, an agronomy associate professor in the agronomy department studying soil moisture content in the Corn Belt. She has always been fascinated with soil science and the internship has inspired her to pursue graduate school after graduating in 2019 to become a soil scientist.

How do you feel this internship will help you with your goals?
“I know so far it has helped me build relationships with professors and make lasting connections. It will also further my understanding of the research project and test my ability to not only lead but function as a team player.”

What advice do you have for someone who has a passion for science?
“Dare to be different. I think people misunderstand science and tend to shy away from it because they are afraid. Be different. Be passionate. If science was easy or normal, everybody would be a scientist.”

What do you like most about Ames?
“The scenery is breathtaking.”

If you could have superpower related to science or research, what would it be?
“My superpower would be to calculate any science equation in my head without much effort.”

What is something you’d like to scratch off of your bucket list?
“Visiting all 50 states.”