Agronomy Researcher Now, Veterinarian in Future

MaryAnne Rabb is from Columbia, South Carolina and is currently attending Tuskegee University. Rabb is working with Madan Bhattacharyya, and agronomy professor, and  Sekhar Kambakam, an assistant agronomy scientist, researching soybean cyst nematodes. Rabb said the experience is providing research and personal experiences that will help her become a better scientist.

Do you see yourself having a future career in this field?
“I don’t see myself working with plant science because I want to become a veterinarian. However, I do see myself participating in research in the future as a lab animal veterinarian.”

Where do you wish to travel in your lifetime?

If you could have one superpower related to science, what would it be?
“The ability to absorb information from any text and have instant recall of solid information without even reading it.’

Who is your role model and why?
“My father is my role model because he has taught me about being a dedicated student and worker. He has also accomplished a lot in his lifetime and showed leadership throughout his career as a psychologist.”