Gehrke Selected to Serve on OXFAM Change Initiative

Studying abroad helped Ella Gehrke understand the problems facing people in developing countries. That’s why being selected to serve on the OXFAM Change Initiative with other students is an exciting opportunity.

Gehrke, a junior in global resource systems, will travel to Boston in late July to receive training. OXFAM is a global organization working to address poverty, hunger and inequality. The purpose of the training is to develop communication skills, expand knowledge of global issues and provide resources.

OXFAM emphasized in its award letter that selection for the initiative is competitive and only 40 students nationwide are selected. Gehrke hopes she can do more to empower women in poorer countries and address their health issues.

Gehrke is also a member of the Iowa State University Team KinoSol, which is in the process of fine-tuning a solar food dehydrator for farmers.

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