Featured Stories

Mar 9th, 2010
Analysts with the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute briefed Congress on their 2010 agricultural economic baseline projections, known as the FAPRI Outlook.
Feb 26th, 2010
Gerald Miller, longtime College faculty member and administrator at Iowa State, will replace Jack Payne as interim vice president for extension and outreach, effective June 1.
Feb 18th, 2010
Researchers Erik Vollbrecht, Patrick Schnable and Adam Bogdanove have achieved cover boy status -- each capturing a cover story in Nature, Science and Science, respectively.
Feb 12th, 2010
Transfer students need to register to visit campus by Feb. 18. Student ambassadors are planning the event that will include tours and visits with current students.
Feb 12th, 2010
Dan Loy, an Iowa State University Extension beef specialist for more than two decades, was recently appointed interim director of the Iowa Beef Center.
Feb 8th, 2010
The gift from Ronald (a farm operations alum) and Florine (a home economics education alum) Swanson will enhance the center's efforts to encourage young farmers.
Feb 4th, 2010
A new study calls into question the value of postmenopausal women consuming soy isoflavone tablets to help lessen bone loss and minimize the effect of osteoporosis.
Jan 27th, 2010
Lester Wilson's students know the answer to which product Americans consume more of each year. Read the Inside Iowa State profile of Wilson, a University Professor of food science and human nutrition committed to his students' success.
Jan 27th, 2010
Cortney Schmidt's story is featured in The Press-News. The story about her internships and the challenges of living with Bell's palsy ran in the Fall 2009 STORIES magazine.
Jan 27th, 2010
Iowa State students are creating technically accurate illustrations of grass species for a Weed ID Guide to be published in March by the CALS Corn and Soybean Initiative.
Jan 19th, 2010
Former Dean of Agriculture Lee Kolmer died on Jan. 18 at Kavanaugh Hospice in Des Moines, Iowa, from congestive heart failure at the age of 82. A burial mass was held Jan. 22 with burial at Glendale Cemetery in Des Moines.
Jan 19th, 2010
The researchers said the soybean genome sequencing could lead to important improvements to the plant.
Jan 14th, 2010
The researchers are working to safely increase feed use by cattle and poultry producers of dry distiller's grains with solubles made during ethanol production.
Jan 11th, 2010
You can read the fall issue of STORIES and access the online extras. College faculty, staff, alumni and friends will soon be receiving a print copy in the mail.
Jan 4th, 2010
From raptors to poinsettias, students shared what they learned in the Science With Practice program at a poster presentation.
Dec 21st, 2009
Nathan Upah, animal science graduate, spoke to graduating seniors on Dec. 19 and invited them to seek perfection to address the challenges they face.
Dec 18th, 2009
A CALS Budget Updates page is now live, including information from the Dec. 15 open forum with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Dec 18th, 2009
Students propose solutions to biorenewable issues as part of their final exam. The multidisciplinary class included students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Dec 16th, 2009
He will replace Gerald Miller, who has served as associate dean since 1998.
Dec 14th, 2009
Students in animal science 336 get a hands-on lesson about canine animal behavior. Trainer Robin Habeger brought two search and rescue dogs to class to demonstrate her training methods.
Nov 24th, 2009
The club took up the slack created by recent budget cuts and started planting and maintaining the highly visible flowerbed at the corner of Wallace Road and Osborn Drive.
Nov 20th, 2009
Douglas Kenealy is one of two people to receive the annual U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Agricultural Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award.
Nov 19th, 2009
Patrick Schnable, Baker Professor of agronomy and Plant Science Institute researcher, talks about his team's part in the national sequencing effort in this research video.
Nov 18th, 2009
The Iowa State Dairy Products Evaluation Team placed fourth overall in the 88th Collegiate Dairy Products Evaluation contest, a national student competition.
Nov 18th, 2009
Brandon Carpenter will pass on the lessons learned in his demonstration project at the Horticulture Research Station to Iowa apple growers in January.