Featured Stories

Sep 24th, 2010
The EU-US Academic Exchange Program provides educational opportunities related to biorenewables and bioproducts for seniors and graduate students
Sep 16th, 2010
Bill McKibben, described as the "world's best green journalist" by Time Magazine, will lecture as part of the Pesek Colloquium on Sustainable Agriculture.
Sep 9th, 2010
A new video featuring ISU plant pathologists offers information and resources for dealing with an SDS outbreak in Iowa fields.
Sep 8th, 2010
At Tuesday's College Convocation, Joseph Sebranek was recognized as the inaugural holder of the Morrison Chair in Meat Science, made possible by David and Judith Morrison.
Sep 8th, 2010
Two professors in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are the first recipients of a new award named for former college dean Lee R. Kolmer (pictured).
Sep 2nd, 2010
The Ag and Life Sciences Student Council provided food and invited clubs to share information with new students at the annual barbecue.
Sep 2nd, 2010
Sharing information about the soil was the focus of the display featured in the ISU hoop building at the Farm Progress Show.
Sep 1st, 2010
The Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation offers answers to questions about the Verasun bankruptcy and attempts to recover money from corn suppliers.
Sep 1st, 2010
Machinery to clean and collect corn cobs for cellulosic ethanol production and other uses based on initial research by an Iowa State University engineer was featured at this year's Farm Progress Show in Boone.
Aug 20th, 2010
In light of the recent egg recalls, new links have been posted on the Egg Industry Center homepage, providing an overview of ISU and other resources on egg safety and related topics.
Aug 18th, 2010
Corn management and precision agriculture will be the focus of a field day at the Iowa State University Allee Research and Demonstration Farm from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Aug 16th, 2010
Interacting with beluga whales, polar bears, manatees and dolphins was part of the summer's daily routine for two College students.
Aug 13th, 2010
The field day attracted more than 200 people on July 29. Researches shared tips and information about weeds, vineyards, fruits, vegetables and turf grass.
Aug 9th, 2010
Matt Helmers (shown) and Antonio Mallarino have been studying nitrates that pass through soil into tiling systems from different types of crops and fertilizer treatments.
Aug 5th, 2010
PSA major Mary Foell has spent the summer in Howard County developing a curriculum on Dr. Borlaug's legacy.
Aug 5th, 2010
Pat Schnable, agronomy, led a summer tour of labs and fields for Iowa Corn Growers Association members.
Aug 3rd, 2010
Ann Marie VanDerZanden, professor of horticulture, received the 2010 Outstanding Undergraduate Educator Award from the American Society for Horticultural Science.
Jul 29th, 2010
In an effort to improve animal health and food safety, researcher Chris Tuggle and colleagues are finding new ways to identify animals harboring Salmonella.
Jul 29th, 2010
A century ago, farmers used cowbells to locate their cattle. Today, animal science professor Jim Russell tracks them with electronic collars fitted with global positioning systems.
Jul 22nd, 2010
John Clarke, president and CEO of Clarke Mosquito Control, was presented a Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for his company's work on a less toxic way to control mosquitoes.
Jul 21st, 2010
This summer, students from the United States and Puerto Rico have been conducting research as a part of the Research Experience in Molecular Biotechnology & Genomics program, funded by the National Science Foundation.
Jul 21st, 2010
Horticulture students Morgan Wright and Winston Beck have spent the past six weeks on St. John as a part of service-learning project EARTH -- Education And Resiliency Through Horticulture.
Jul 15th, 2010
The College and the Muscatine Island Research Farm Association celebrated a partnership of 75 years with a field day at the eastern Iowa farm June 29.
Jul 13th, 2010
A new issue of STORIES magazine is available and highlights the College's research and education programs in animal breeding and genetics, animal nutrition and animal welfare, plus stories on faculty, staff, alumni and students.
Jul 13th, 2010
To study the potential effects of climate change, researcher Diane Debinski has been conducting observational studies of the plant and insect communities in 55 mountainous meadows.