Featured Stories

Oct 26th, 2011
View video of the Harold and Rachel Crawford Agricultural Teacher Education Complex held Oct. 21.
Oct 26th, 2011
Kemin Industries of Des Moines has been running radio ads featuring the College during ISU Cyclone football games this fall, which the company began in 2010.
Oct 25th, 2011
She went from decoding DNA to patent attorney and feels at ease advising clients as both a scientist and entrepreneur.
Oct 25th, 2011
Gebel was one of the first students to receive the Hixson Scholarship Opportunity Award. Today he's mentoring and encouraging other students.
Oct 5th, 2011
Interest in Ag Career Day reflects demand for graduates. Mike Gaul, the director of career services, talks about why it attracts so much interest.
Sep 28th, 2011
A multi-state team led by Ken Moore, professor in the Department of Agronomy, recently won a $25 million grant that will develop a plan for using marginal farmlands to grow perennial grasses as a biofuel source.
Sep 22nd, 2011
Bruce Babcock will focus on the bioeconomy as Iowa State's next Cargill Endowed Chair in Energy Economics and director of the university's Biobased Industry Center.
Sep 14th, 2011
A study by Iowa State University researcher Wallace Huffman shows that when consumers are presented with produce enhanced with consumer traits through intragenic means, they will pay more than for plain produce.
Sep 8th, 2011
Fall registrations in the College's online learning courses and programs climbs to 914, up from 801 last fall semester.
Sep 7th, 2011
Undergraduate enrollment this fall rose to 3,584, up from 3,298 students last fall semester. Adding graduate students brings the College's total enrollment to 4,211.
Sep 2nd, 2011
The Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council new student barbecue attracted more than 600 students to learn more about clubs. Watch the event in this time-lapse video.
Sep 2nd, 2011
eCarly@CALS: George Washington Carver intern, Leslie Nelson, explains her summer research analyzing crystals found in plant cells.
Aug 24th, 2011
eCarly@CALS: Learn about ISU sophomore, Trisha Collins, and her study-abroad experience.
Aug 23rd, 2011
"An apple a day will help you get an 'A' this semester," according to associate deans Joe Colletti (left) and David Acker. They passed out apples from ISU's Horticulture Farm to welcome students back to campus.
Aug 23rd, 2011
eCarly@CALS: Another George Washington Carver intern shares her story about her summer research at ISU.
Aug 22nd, 2011
eCarly@CALS: Learn about William Arce and his research through a summer internship program at Iowa State University.
Aug 10th, 2011
eCarly@CALS: Learn about the Pork Chop Open and how the Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University honors Lauren Christian.
Jul 26th, 2011
eCarly@CALS: Students talk about their summer projects and research at the ISU Horticulture Research Station.
Jul 18th, 2011
eCarly@CALS: Learn about ISU student, Kim Jordan, and her summer internship.
Jul 13th, 2011
Summer heat turns many Iowa lakes blue-green with an algae known as Cyanobacteria. Researchers have placed buoys in 16 lakes to look for methods to control it.
Jul 11th, 2011
eCarly@CALS: The World Pork Expo's junior show had a record number of pigs shown this year. ISU student, Carly Martin, shares her experience.
Jun 24th, 2011
The College's entrepreneurial spirit shines in the latest issue of our alumni magazine, STORIES in Agriculture and Life Sciences. View this edition online to read about innovative alumni, faculty, staff and students.
Jun 17th, 2011
A hands-on demonstration on how to prepare a horse for a ride was part of Sarah Tenley's class presentation. View photos from the presentation near Curtiss Hall.
Jun 17th, 2011
Hundreds attended the ISU Dairy Farm open house to celebrate Dairy Month. The dairy farm, which opened in 2007, includes state-of-the-art buildings and equipment.
Jun 16th, 2011
eCarly@CALS: ISU's BioBus Club is taking steps toward fueling CyRide by processing vegetable oil from the dining centers into biodiesel.