Iowa State briefs Congress on bioeconomy

On June 26, Iowa State University invited members of Congress and their staffs to attend a briefing on current bioeconomy issues. The briefing was held in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C. Wendy Wintersteen, Robert Brown, Bruce Babcock and John Lawrence gave brief remarks. Below are the titles of their presentations and a link to a PDF document outlining their major points.

America's Bioeconomy: Balancing the Nation's Needs for Food and Fuel

As the nation turns increasingly toward development and production of biofuels, tension has emerged in public discourse about the use of feedstocks for biofuels production, on one hand, and their use in production of traditional agricultural products, including food and feed, on the other hand. The tension stems from misunderstandings about why food prices are increasing in the U.S. and the growing world-wide concern about food availability. This briefing is intended to establish a framework for collaborative dialogue between producers, policy-makers, and industry, toward the goal of developing a sustainable bioeconomy through diversification of the agricultural economy and the development of new industries.


A Vision for America's Bio-based Economy: Biorenewable Resources as Sustainable Feedstocks for Producing Chemicals, Fuels, Materials, and Energy

- Robert Brown, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director, Bioeconomy Institute, Iowa State University

Impacts of U.S. Ethanol Policy on Price of Corn

-Bruce Babcock, Professor of Economics and Director, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University

Livestock and Poultry in the Bioeconomy

- John Lawrence, Professor of Economics, Extension Livestock Economist and Director, Iowa Beef Center, Iowa State University

Research Needs for Advancing the Bioeconomy

- Wendy Wintersteen, Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Iowa State University