CALS P&S Council

CALS Professional and Scientific Council

The College of Agriiculture and Life Sciences Professional & Scientific Council is the representative body for all P&S staff in the college.  Members work with the dean and ISU P&S Council representatives to address topics that are important to CALS P&S staff.


President, Jeff Hartwig, Supt Ag Res Station II,

Past President Tracy Schlater, Communications Specialist III,

Secretary, Barb McBreen, Communications Specialist IV,

Communications Officer, Lesa Vold, Communications Specialist III,

Networking and Social Committee

Chair, Danielle (Dani) Clark, Asst Scientist I,

          Ginny Mitchell Program Asst. II,

          Deb McKay, Admin Specialist III,

          Kati Smith, Comm Specialist I,

          Visha Arumugam, Prog Assistant II,

Professional Development Committee

Chair, Rachel Fleck, Research Assoc II,

          Robert Hartmann, Teaching Lab Coordinator,

          Steve Jonas , Ag Specialist III,

          Christa Hartsook, Prog Coordinator II ,

          Kelvin Leibold, Field Specialist IV,

          Barb McBreen, Communications Specialist,

          Betsy Buffington, Extension Program Specialist IV,

Recognition and Awards Committee

Chair, Nate Dobbels, Academic Advisor II,

            Brenda Downs Admin Specialist II,

            Karla Long, Prog Coordinator I,

            Michael Kaiser Research Assoc. II,

            Liesl Eathington, Asst. Scientist III,

            Mickie Deaton , Academic Advisor II,

            Clarice Schmidt, Asst Scientist II,

Ex Officio Members                           

University P&S CALS Representative, Casey Smith, Student Services Specialist,

CALS Interim Senior Associate Dean, Ruth MacDonald,