Administrative Support Staff

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Administrative Support Staff

January 2020




ALISON PARKER, administrative specialist; provides secretarial support to the Dean, including appointments, correspondence, etc. This position includes the coordination of foreign travel grants, faculty professional development assignments and reports, promotion & tenure materials as well as third year reviews, post tenure reviews, and non-tenure eligible advancements; consulting; Distinguished, University and Morrill Professor Awards; Rossmann Manatt Award, Regents Faculty Award; Dean Lee R. Kolmer Award. Schedules Ag Cabinet meetings; provides support for administrative searches.

138 Curtiss Hall

Phone:   294-3830               FAX:    294-6800





CARLA PERSAUD, administrative specialist; provides administrative support for the Senior Associate Dean, including appointments, correspondence, etc. This position includes the coordination of special internal university grant programs (such as the Bailey Award) and limited submissions awards from the college. Facilitates CALS Center/Institute Director meetings and New Faculty Orientation schedule. Also provides administrative and programmatic assistant to the Assistant Dean for Diversity, the Associate Dean for Academic & Global Programs, and the CALS ADVANCE Equity Advisor.

138 Curtiss Hall

Phone:   294-1823               FAX:    294-6800






JULIE ROBERTS, administrative specialist; provides administrative and fiscal support to the Associate Dean/ANR Director, ANR field specialists and ANR campus staff. Phone/data coordinator for Curtiss Hall.

132 Curtiss Hall

Phone:   294-7801               FAX:    294-6800





 JOSIE SIX, budget and finance director and associate director for the Center for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods; provides fiscal administrative leadership and support in the operation of the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station, the college, and ANR Extension. Oversees the preparation and financial management of the CALS, AES, and ANR EXT budgets, pre- and post-award administration of the collegeÕs sponsored funding, financial management of international operations, and college human resources.

133 Curtiss Hall

Phone:   294-8920               FAX:    294-8716



MICHELE ROGERS, accountant; responsible for developing and overseeing the college budget (701/704-01-XX). Reviews Goldsheets for college approval; approves P-card purchases. Prepares the annual FAEIS report. Computes and allocates Student Computer Fees to departments. Cross-trained to provide backup to the human resource areas; approves purchase requisitions for Ag Administration accounts. EASE form coordination for administration. Reviews and approves special course fees for college. Assists on special projects.

133 Curtiss Hall

Phone:   294-6455               FAX:    294-5174        



JANET BRODIE, accountant; approves proposal budgets and advises faculty on pre-and post-award compliance issues, completes invoicing and assists in preparation of extension requests and budget modification requests for the Iowa Soybean Association awards, works on the budget process for IAHEES, prepares financial reports for required federal reporting on USDA formula funds, and approves purchase requisitions for Ag Administration accounts.

133 Curtiss Hall               Phone:   294-0875



133 Curtiss Hall             Phone:   294-7661

133 Curtiss Hall            Phone: 294-4544
133 Curtiss Hall          Phone: 294-8542
133 Curtiss Hall       Phone: 294-8331

209 Curtiss Hall       Phone: 294-8842



209 Curtiss Hall     Phone: 294-8022


KATHEY SCHUCKERT, program coordinator; responsible for managing the human resources activities in the college, coordinating special initiatives, and providing consultative assistance to departments on human resources issues, university policies and procedures.  In addition, Kathey is the HR liaison between the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and Human Resources Services
139B Curtiss Hall
Phone:   294-2517               FAX:     294-8716


139D Curtiss Hall           Phone: 294-9138



139E Curtiss Hall            Phone: 294-6367



139A Curtiss Hall        Phone: 294-8074



Extension Building    Phone: 294-3058




Career Services


15 Curtiss Hall


MIKE GAUL, career services director; serves as the coordinator of Career Services activities for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Audiences worked with include undergraduate and graduate students in the college of Agriculture and Life Sciences, college faculty with special emphasis on faculty advisers, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences alumni, and employers of our graduates. Specific elements of the position include developing programs that serve all of the above mentioned audiences.


Programs with special emphasis include Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Days, Iowa State University CyHire tool, career-related seminars, and other programs for students to assist them in: a) resume preparation, b) interview skills, and c) job search strategies. Promote on-campus visits by employers seeking employees for full-time and summer employment. Work with alumni who are in the process of changing employment or are considering a significant career change. Target employers not familiar with Iowa State University to consider Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students for their personnel needs. Publicize career opportunities available in agricultural and life sciences areas to potential students.

Phone:   294-4725               FAX:    294-9477



LOIS BENNING, administrative specialist; coordinates all aspects of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Services Office including arranging and executing company interviews; maintenance of CyHire system; updating office website; management of work study students; coordinating two CALS Career Days annually; handling purchasing and budget. Curtiss Hall key coordinator.

Phone:   294-4725               FAX:    294-9477




Communication Services


304 Curtiss Hall

BRIAN MEYER, director of college relations; provides leadership for internal and external relations in support of programs and goals of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station. Advises administrators, faculty and staff on communications and public relations issues and strategies, and oversees the operation of Agriculture and Life Sciences Communications Service.



WHITNEY BAXTER, communications specialist; works on internal and external information and public relations projects for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station. Writes, edits and coordinates the college administration website, news releases, publications, exhibits, video and other communications projects. Works with news reporters, providing information on college activities and sources for public relations issues. Advises and consults with faculty and staff on communications and public relations issues.



BARBARA McBREEN, communications specialist; specializes in feature stories, video communications, photography and works on marketing projects for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station. Writes and edits feature stories, news releases, online content, publications, exhibits and videos. She also works with media to provide content, sources and information on college activities and advises and consults with faculty and staff on marketing and media opportunities.


ANN Y. ROBINSON, science writer and communications specialist; covers research stories and projects for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Iowa Nutrient Research Center. Writes news releases and feature stories, edits and coordinates administration of the INRC website. Advises and consults with faculty and staff on communications issues and opportunities.



MELEA REICKS LICHT, director of alumni relations; is the editor of STORIES, a twice-a-year alumni magazine, and STORIES Online, a monthly alumni e-newsletter. Coordinates communications and events to engage college alumni. Co-manages social media efforts for the college and publicizes and oversees alumni awards and events. Advises and consults with faculty and staff on communications issues, especially as it relates to alumni relations.



HALEY COOK, assistant director of alumni relations and events. Organizes and implements events specific to college and alumni engagement; coordinates CALS young alumni program, Curtiss League. Co-manages social media efforts and assists with college communications efforts.  Advises and consults with faculty and staff on event management and marketing initiatives. 



JULIE STEWART, communications specialist; internal communications, including editor of the weekly CALS Online faculty-staff newsletter; financial and administrative management for the Communications Service. Creates and manages digital photo database. Provides support for communications and alumni programs, including database management and financial accounts.



CALS Development

310 Curtiss Hall

RAY KLEIN, executive director of development; is the lead development officer in the Agriculture and Life Sciences Development Office. Ray works closely with the dean, department heads and faculty to identify prospects, prepare proposals, and to develop strategies when calling on potential donors. This includes prospect research and cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of donors. Ray provides liaison support to the departments of Agronomy, Animal Science, and Economics. Projects/committees include: Biosciences capital project, CSRL, EARTH, Feed Mill project, Poultry Teaching and Research Farm, and the Swine Teaching and Research Farm.  
Phone:    294-3303              FAX:    294-6613

BRANDON MUMM, director of development

Phone:  294-1617


BOBBI SMITH, director of development.                                                                                              
Phone: 294-1118             FAX: 294-6613

ALYSSA RUTT, assistant director of development.

Phone: 294-9328            FAX: 294-6613


NICK VAN BERKUM, assistant director of development

Phone: 294-9332            FAX: 294-6613

CAROL ELLIOTT, Senior Development Coordinator

Phone: 294-7677        FAX: 294-6613


JANELL VAN GORP, development coordinator
Phone: 294-6275             FAX: 294-6613

KELSEY RUTZEN, development assistant

Phone: 294-4153           FAX: 294-6613         


Global Agriculture


0018 Curtiss Hall

SHELLEY TAYLOR, director; manages day-to-day operations and serves as financial manager of the CALS Global Programs office, oversees project and financial management of funded grants/agreements, and provides overall leadership of global agriculture programs.



VACANT, Associate director, Global Programs, director, CALS Study Abroad; provides senior leadership in Global Programs for academic programs abroad, identifies and supports international opportunities for College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) faculty and staff, graduate and undergraduate students. Promotes the integration of international programs into the college graduate and undergraduate curriculum, and provides oversight on planning, negotiating, directing, and evaluating CALS academic programs abroad, including safety, health, and security aspects of study abroad.



SUE FINESTEAD, account specialist; initiates payments, travel reimbursements, purchasing transactions, personnel actions, and maintains databases and website for CALS Study Abroad and Global Programs. Assists Associate Dean of Academic/Global Programs with international travel arrangements and other projects as assigned.



JODI CORNELL, program assistant, CALS Study Abroad; provides professional support and leadership in Global Programs, CALS Study Abroad office. Assists in program development and maintenance for undergraduate study and work abroad programs including travel courses, exchanges and work abroad programs. Includes planning, directing and evaluating College of Agriculture and Life Sciences student study abroad programs, recruiting students and processing applications.



VISHA ARUMUGAM, program assistant, CALS Study Abroad; provides professional support and leadership in Global Programs, CALS Study Abroad office. Assists in program development and maintenance for undergraduate study abroad programs including travel courses. Manages scholarships and program evaluations and study abroad visitors.



JESSICA BOERTJE, program assistant, CALS Study Abroad; provides professional support and leadership in advising students for undergraduate study and work abroad programs including travel courses, exchange and work abroad programs.



NICOLE HURLBURT, communications specialist, CALS Study Abroad and Global Programs: provides communication support in creating and implementing communication and marketing plans along with website management and developing promotional materials CALS Study Abroad and Global Programs. Coordinates non-grant funded visitor requests and itinerary plans for non-grant funded visitors. Writes publications highlighting students, faculty and staff through CALS Study Abroad and visitors through Global Programs.




Research Farms


103 Curtiss Hall

MARK HONEYMAN, coordinator of research farms and professor of animal science; overall administration and coordination of research farms that are located in Central Iowa and across the state of Iowa that serve the entire College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Handles ag land acquisitions, sales, easements, etc. Also serves as executive director for college affiliates, ISU Agricultural Endowment and Committee for Ag Development. Serves as ISU liason to eight regional research farm associations.

Phone:   294-4621               FAX:    294-6210



SALLY MEDFORD, secretary; provides secretarial support for coordinator and farms manager, coordinates annual progress reports for research and demonstration farms, responsible for processing payroll and personnel procedures.

Phone:   294-5045               FAX:    294-6210



TIM GOODE, farms manager; supervises and manages farm operations for research farms that are located across the state which includes crops, livestock, machinery, equipment, and buildings.

PHONE: 294-1608            FAX:  294-6210



TERRI ARNOLD, administrative specialist; provides accounting, fiscal, budget, and audit support for all research farms, Committee for Agricultural Development, and ISU Ag Endowment.

Phone:   294-1719               FAX:    294-4621



Student Services


20 Curtiss Hall

HOWARD TYLER, Assistant Dean; provides administrative leadership to outcomes assessment, learning communities, new student orientation, student recruitment and retention, serves on the University Recruitment Committee, the University Registration and Classification Committee, the University Academic Advising Committee, the college Academic Affairs Committee, the college Curriculum Committee, and the college Student Affairs Committee. His other college responsibilities include serving as academic adviser for all the Agriculture Exploration (undecided) students and reviewing and taking action on requests for exceptions to University policies regarding undergraduate registration and degree requirements. He is a professor in the Animal Science Department.  He teaches AgEdS 110C, orientation for new students.

Phone:   294-2766               FAX:    294-2844



ANDY ZEHR, program coordinator; develops and implements college level undergraduate marketing and recruitment programs. Responsible for direct marketing to students and those who influence them, collaborating on recruitment and marketing communications and leading efforts for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in a recruitment program targeting prospective students (first time and transfer), parents, alumni, academic units, faculty, cooperative extension, educators and specialists, business/industry collaborators, high school teachers and counselors, community colleges, and the university office of admissions. Works with university and college administration and faculty to determine and implement innovative strategies for student recruitment and college marketing.

Phone:   294-9123               FAX:    294-2844


ELIZABETH MARTINEZ-PODOLSKY, Multicultural Liaison Officer

Phone:  294-1701


AUDREY KENNIS, Retention Coordinator

Phone:  294-2844


BETH FOREMAN, student services specialist; is responsible for coordinating special recruitment events and prospective student campus visits and tours for both individuals and groups. The position also helps manage the recruiting and marketing message content for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Beth serves as the advisor for the student ambassadors, and manages the risk management processes for those events. Beth is a member of the university recruitment committee and the college recruitment committee.

Phone:   294-4548               FAX:    294-2844



Phone: 294-4875


DAVID ROSS, half-time record analyst, updates and maintains the degree audit system for AgLS. Reviews audit adjustment requests using established policies and guidelines to determine course eligibility for university and college requirements.  Enters approved adjustments in the degree audit system. Represents AgLS on the DARS Steering Committee. Evaluates degree audit processes and makes recommendations for changes when needed. Enters curriculum changes in ADIN. Assists with orientation and convocation; runs queries on the universityÕs student database; sends out mass emails to students in the college; assists students with schedule changes.
Phone:    294-2879              FAX:    294-2844

TIM CAREY, program assistant; works with undergraduate students from the time they are prospective until they enroll for their first semester. Responsible for managing all recruitment and marketing communications targeted toward prospective students, and their family members. Also, manages all of the college level orientation activities and represents CALS on the University Orientation Committee. Develops and manages processes to track and Serve APP students and their ISU CALS academic advisers.

Phone:   294-2766               FAX:    294-2844



Phone: 294-8653



Phone: 294-6828