Extension Points of Pride

Meetings offer Farm Bill options

More than 15,000 landowners, tenant operators, and owner-operators enrolled in the Farm Bill as a result of meetings sponsored by Extension and Outreach that helped guide participants’ decisions in selecting the appropriate new programs being offered. 

Applying nutrient reduction strategies to cropland

Since 2010, Iowa Learning Farm programs have resulted in farmers adopting practices that improved nutrient management. Of 1,256 farmers surveyed who had attended programs on these topics, 88 percent responded that they made changes in their operations.

Extension encourages safe pesticide use

Some 11,710 private pesticide applicators indicated they will adopt pesticide stewardship and safety practices as recommended in Extension certification meetings, such as taking precautions to protect bees and other pollinators and using perennials to reduce runoff of agriculture chemicals.

Beef producers count on extension

The Iowa Beef Center has helped producers rebuild their herds by recommending Best Management Practices which resulted in a 3 percent improved heifer pregnant rate and 3.5 percent reduced culling rate.

Bio-security helps control spread of swine diseases

About 3,200 swine producers adopted bio-security practices recommended by Extension and Outreach for their operations to prevent the spread of transcontinental diseases.

Spreadsheet helps dairies protect environment

More than 1,100 dairy producers and dairy consultants plan to use best management practices to maximize nutrient economics and environmental stewardship after learning how to use a dairy nutrient management spreadsheet that quantifies manure handling, storage, and application costs and calculates fertilizer value of manure nutrients.