Cramer Receives P&S Early Advisor Award

Susan Cramer, academic advisor in the undergraduate microbiology program, is the recipient of the 2022 Professional and Scientific Early Advisor Award from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. Through her work with Experience Iowa State and summer orientation, and as an instructor in the microbiology orientation course, she interacts with students a great deal as they transition to college. She builds a relationship with students and is able to track their progress toward graduation. If there are challenges, she is well versed in academic, financial and health-related resources that can help students get back on track. 

In addition to traditional undergraduate advising, Cramer is coordinator for the microbiology learning community. She has made several innovative improvements to the program, including hiring peer mentors, providing informal tutoring, hosting social events and creating a passport assignment to introduce students to important campus services. A colleague states, “Every day Susan wears the hats of an advisor, life coach, mentor and counselor. The microbiology program is extremely lucky to leverage her many skill sets to help microbiology majors have the best possible experience during their time at Iowa State.”