Overview of Requirements on the Degree Audit

University Requirements: 

College Requirements: 

Major-Specific Requirements: 

  • Each major has a set of requirements in addition to the university and college requirements.  Requirements for each individual major or minor can be found in the University catalog at catalog.iastate.edu/collegescurricula/#programsmajorstext.
  • Please note that some majors require specific courses to be taken that can also be used to satisfy college and/or university requirements.  See Multiple-Counting below for more information.


Sometimes courses can be used to satisfy requirements at more than one of these three levels (university, college, and major-specific).  This is known as multiple-counting, and the guidelines can be found on our website: https://www.cals.iastate.edu/content/multiple-counting-courses-cals


* Note that some majors require specific course(s) in this area.