2016 George Washington Carver Summer Interns

The George Washington Carver Summer Research Internship Program in CALS has been inspiring young scientists for more than 25 years. Both undergraduate and high school students from around the country are part of this program every year, working side by side with faculty mentors in CALS on research projects. While the program helps students explore science through experiential learning opportunities, it also helps increase diversity within the world of science in STEM fields, champions the value of graduate education and helps recruit new bright minds to undergraduate and graduate programs in CALS. This summer from June 4 to July 30, 24 undergraduate students and 10 high school students from 10 different states and Puerto Rico are interns in the program. 


Undergraduates High Schoolers 
Arneisha Smallwood Amelia Valazquez
Daimer Castro Vega  Ansley Watkins
Darian Turner  Carissa Villanueva 
Estrella Gutierrez  Dayana Carrera Saenz
Hannah Talton Fahmo Mohamed 
Jade Harrison Isabel Casas
Jamila Rice  Jasmine Moreno
Jasmine Roberts  Joseph Murdock
Joannette González Rovira  Rocío Isabel Sotelo Padrón
Jordan Carswell-Bell  Spencer Finch 
Kara Wilson   
Karen Ortiz   
Kirstie McTear   
Larencia Williams  
Lauryn Dughi   
MaryAnne Rabb   
Noel Facey   
Sabrina Victorin   
Sara VanAusdal   
Selena Méndez Cruz   
Taylor McFadden   
Terry Vines   
Torri Hampton   
Tiffany Harper