Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee

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The Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee.

Committee Composition and Operations

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences shall have a College Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee composed of faculty members at the rank of professor from the College, each with a three-year appointment. To ensure that each candidate receives fair and impartial consideration at the College level, the advisory committee must be structured so that the breadth of disciplines and variety of assignments within the College are adequately represented on the committee. With the approval of their departmental chair, the Dean shall select the committee members and name the Chair. The College Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee membership will be reviewed by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty Senator Caucus and comments will be provided to the Dean. Membership on the committee shall be staggered so that approximately one-third are replaced annually, and not more than one committee member shall serve from one department at any one time. It shall be the responsibility of the Dean to ensure that the advisory committee is complete and that membership is kept current.


Term expires 2021

  • David Hannapel, Horticulture
  • Dermot Hayes, Economics (Chair)
  • Greg Courtney, Entomology

Term expires 2022

  • Amy Kaleita-Forbes, Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering
  • Jeff Essner, Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology
  • Alison Robertson, Plant Pathology and Microbiology (Vice-Chair)

Term expires 2023

  • Kan Wang, Agronomy
  • Alan Dispirito, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology
  • Joan Cunnick, Animal Science