Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

Chair/Director Name: 
John Crespi, Interim Director
(515) 294-1183
To conduct innovative public policy and economic research on agricultural, environmental and food issues. CARD uniquely combines academic excellence with engagement and anticipatory thinking to inform and benefit society. CARD researchers develop and apply economic theory, quantitative methods and interdisciplinary approaches to create relevant knowledge. Communication efforts target state and federal policymakers; the research community; agricultural, food, and environmental groups; individual decision-makers; and international audiences. Established in 1958, CARD is among the largest university-based agricultural policy research institutes in the United States.
Funding Sources: 
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences/Experiment Station, federal and state contracts and grants and private industry.
Mailing Address: 

578 Heady Hall, Ames, Iowa 50011-1070