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ISU Farms Look to Catch Up on Planting
The wet weather of the last three weeks has delayed work and caused damage to ISU Research and Demonstration Farms, however, they are making rapid progress this week on completing soybean planting. Most research plots have been planted. The wet weather also has delayed spraying. Mark Honeyman, coordinator of Research and Demonstration Farms, reported that flooding damage to research plots has occurred but that the extent is difficult to measure until water recedes. For example, he said weed and disease problems are increasing and the crops are two to three weeks behind normal development. Several farms have reported erosion and clogged tile lines. Farm roadways have been damaged and there was wind damage at the Western and Armstrong farms. The Horticulture Farm near Gilbert reported a waterlogged orchard with trees showing damage from 15.6 inches of rain in the last three weeks.

College to Take Part in Bio Energy Awareness Days in D.C.
The second Bio Energy Awareness Days in Washington, D.C. will include a College display of the New Century Farm, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Research, Education and Economics Agency. The College will be recognized for submitting one of 15 winning visions of agriculture and forestry's contribution to the energy economy in 2017. Joe Colletti, senior associate dean; Larry Johnson, director of the Center for Crop Utilization Research; and Ed Adcock, communications specialist, will represent the College at the event. The purpose of the event is to increase awareness and knowledge related to the sustainable production of agriculture, forest and natural resource-based renewable energy and bioproducts. Exhibits will be on display at the USDA's Whitten Building Thursday and Friday, June 19 and 20, and at the National Arboretum through the weekend. 

ISU Research Paper is One of Most Cited in Mycotoxins
In May, reported that an Iowa State-authored paper was the 12th most citied paper in mycotoxins research over the past 10 years. Its citation analysis featured the 1999 paper by Gary Munkvold, plant pathology and Seed Science Endowed Chair, Rick Hellmich, entomology and USDA, and Larry Rice, USDA-NVSL. The paper, "Comparison of fumonisin concentrations in kernels of transgenic Bt maize hybrids and nontransgenic hybrids" (Plant Disease 83:130), was the first to describe the mycotoxin-reducing capacity of transgenic insect resistance. The documentation of this benefit in Iowa has since been confirmed by other researchers in dozens of states and numerous other nations. tracks trends and performance in research publications globally. Each month, a special topic is covered, providing citation analyses and commentary for selected scientific research areas that have experienced notable recent advances or are of special current interest.

Wilson Named Ift Fellow
The Institute of Food Technologists has named Lester Wilson, University Professor in food science and human nutrition, as a fellow. He was honored for his dedication as a researcher and educator. For nearly 40 years, Wilson has conducted research on the influence of processing and food chemistry, particularly flavor, on food quality and consumer acceptance. He is an expert on soymilk and tofu processing, quality and safety.

Biology Field Trip Turns Into Rescue
While canoeing in the Boundary Waters, students and faculty on the Biology 393 field trip--Biodiversity of the Boreal Forest--found a stranded man who had survived alone in the wilderness for eight days without food, fire or shelter. "He never stopped smiling the whole way back. He was very, very happy to be alive," said Tyler Feldhacker, senior in agricultural biology. More:

First Borlaug Scholar Interns at Borlaug Home, ISU Farm
Planning tourism projects and restoring antiques are the daily tasks for Nathan Upah, Borlaug Scholar Award and Internship recipient. Upah of Clutier, a junior in animal science and agronomy at Iowa State, is the first recipient of the Borlaug scholarship award. Learn more:

ISU Marks 30 Years of Meat Processing Education
Iowa State will be offering its 30th Annual Sausage and Processed Meats Short Course at the ISU Meat Laboratory on July 14-18. Animal science professor Joe Cordray has been leading the course since 1995. Learn more:

ISU Research on Poultry Manure to be Shared with Industry
A daylong program designed to share the latest Iowa State research on poultry manure with the poultry industry will be held July 10 in Ames. "Water Quality and Layer Manure as a Fertilizer" will be in room 275 at the Scheman Building and is sponsored by Iowa State and the Egg Industry Center. 

Smoking Ban Applies to ISU Research Farms
Iowa's new law mandating no smoking on publicly owned or controlled property beginning July 1 applies to ISU Research and Demonstration Farms around the state. Visitors, employees and contractors will be asked to comply with the smoking ban. Signs will be posted and at the beginning of field days at the farms participants will be asked to refrain from smoking.
Deadlines and Reminders
June 19: Northeast Research and Demonstration Farm field day, 1:30 p.m., near Nashua,
June 25: Northwest Research and Demonstration Farm field day, 9 a.m., near Sutherland,
June 26: Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm field day, 1 p.m., controlled drainage field day at 10:30 a.m., near Crawfordsville,
June 27: Armstrong Research and Demonstration Farm field day, 9:30 a.m., near Lewis,
July 1: Northern Research and Demonstration Farm field day, 9:30 a.m., near Kanawha,
July 15: Lauren Christian Pork Chop Open, Veenker Golf Course, registration deadline July 8

Communications Kiosk

The Wrong Use of Wrongful
"Wrong" and "wrongful" are not interchangeable. Wrong has two senses: "immoral, unlawful," as in: It's wrong to bully smaller children; and "improper, incorrect, unsatisfactory," as in: The math answers are wrong. Wrongful also has two senses: "unjust, unfair," as in, wrongful conduct; and "unsanctioned by law, having no legal right," as in: It was a wrongful demand on the estate. (The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th ed., 2003)


World Food Prize Winners Announced
Former Senators Robert Dole and George McGovern have been selected to receive the 2008 World Food Prize for collaborative leadership that has encouraged a global commitment to school feeding and enhanced school attendance and nutrition for millions of the world's poorest children. More:

Internal Voices

IPIC's Johnson: Home is Where the Farm Is
Colin Johnson, Iowa Pork Industry Center staff member, recently accompanied a group of students on a three-week trip to Denmark. The following item written by Johnson appeared in the center's NEWS NOW newsletter on June 2: "For the fourth year I've had the privilege of guiding a study abroad course for ISU students to observe agricultural practices in this small Scandinavian country. It's always a joy to see the development of students as they see new farming practices, question various EU regulations and adjust to the culture. While on the trip, students are inundated with agricultural issues from various perspectives, farmer, government and society. Of course. we expose them to the productivity of Danish sow herds and tour an abattoir. Ken Stalder from our office joined the group for a portion of the trip this year, and together we could share many new insights to Danish and EU directions in the pork industry with the students. It's always very rewarding and enlightening to travel. But I've coined a phrase I'll share: 'Home is where the farm is.' And the best farms for me lie here in Iowa. It's great to know of the sustainable future for Iowa agriculture and our farm families -- I can't say that about everywhere. While we know there are industry differences in these two countries, I leave those in our industry with one item to ponder: feed cost in the USA is up 55 percent versus a year ago, in Denmark it's up 86 percent. Can they still be raising pigs?"

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