Joe Colletti (

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Leadership Team
Senior Associate Dean - ADVANCE Council Member

I have been involved with ISU ADVANCE since the original grant from NSF. I am privileged to be in a college that firmly believes and supports the central idea of recruiting, supporting, retaining and advancing women and underrepresented faculty members. 

Through thoughtful engagement - reader theater, workshops, seminars, working groups - CALS strives to enhance the recruitment, retention and advancement of women and underrepresented faculty in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields and beyond. 


Susan Lamont (

CALS Equity Adviser

Dr. Susan J. (Sue) Lamont was the first female faculty member in her department at Iowa State University. She advanced through the academic ranks and when she was appointed as department chair, she was only the second woman in the United States to hold this position in an animal science department. Sue is now a C.F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor and has been the college's Equity Advisor since 2010. 
Although the representation of women and persons of color in STEM fields has increased in recent years, there remains room for improvement. Sue views her role as Equity Advisor as an opportunity to improve the recruiting, retention and advancement of underrepresented faculty in the college, as well as improving the faculty experience for all faculty.