Administrative Units

Academic and Student Services
Carmen Bain, Associate Dean
Academic and Student Services
Howard Tyler, Assistant Dean
Administrative Services
Jordan Gillespie, Director and College Fiscal Officer
(515) 294-2123
Career Services
Mike Gaul, Director
(515) 294-4725
Communications Service
Andy Zehr, director
(515) 294-9123
Sarah Roelfs, Senior Director
(515) 294-1031
Diversity Programs
Theressa Cooper, Assistant Dean
(515) 294-8574
Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR)
Jay Harmon, Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach
(515) 294-7801
Global Programs
Shelley Taylor, Director
(515) 294-5393
Global Programs
David Acker, Associate Dean, Global Engagement Director
Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station (IAHEES)
Daniel Robison, Dean and Director
(515) 294-3830
Office of Partnerships
Ray Klein, Director
Personnel and Finance
Ruth MacDonald, Associate Dean for Personnel and Finance
(515) 294-5991
Research and Demonstration Farms
Tim Goode, Farms Manager
(515) 294-4621
Research and Discovery
Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, Associate Dean for Research and Discovery
(515) 294-2573