Promotion and Tenure Resources

For further information please consult the following web sites:


CALS Governance Document: (PDF)

Position Responsibility Statement (PRS) Sample One:  (PDF)

Position Responsibility Statement (PRS) Sample Two:  (PDF)

P&T Portfolio Summary Template: (.docx)



     For Assistant Professors

2017 Extension [.pptx]

2017 Faculty Perspective [pptx]

2017 Overview [ppt]

2017 Research [pptx]

2017 Teaching [pptx]

     For Associate Professors

Promotion to Full Professor  [pptx]

P&T Overview [pptx]


      For Assistant Professors

2016 Assistant Prof P&T Agenda

Handout #1: Definition of Scholarship

Handout #3: Template for Tab 2 - P&T Portfolio Summary

Overview - Wintersteen

Research - Colletti

Teaching - Acker

Faculty Perspective - Retallick

Extension - Lawrence