Curtiss League


You've been invited, among a select few, to be members of Curtiss League, a young alumni initiative in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Iowa State University. 

Want a crash course in all things Curtiss League? Check out our video to hear from fellow CALS alums who have joined the team!

Curtiss League of Awesomeness 2015 from ISUCALS on Vimeo

Curtiss League Mission


  • Engage young alumni (under 40) in student recruitment
  • Activate young alumni as advocates for the college in their communities, workplaces, and with stakeholder groups
  • Deepen alumni understanding of academic opportunities and overall strengths and relevance of the college


  • Generate prospective student leads
  • Increase yield rates
  • Increase CALS visibility and that of alumni in their communities
  • Encourage advocacy by alumni for CALS
  • Increase alumni attendance at CALS alumni events
  • Increase alumni awareness of CALS, especially in the life sciences
  • Generate multilayered engagement between college, alumni, and current and prospective students

Member Roles:

  1. Get connected.  Follow the college on Twitter, Like on Facebook, Join our group on LinkedIn 
  2. Get informed.  Review the Curtiss League Handbook for important talking points about CALS and where to go to get more information to share about CALS   
  3. Get organized.  Check the Curtiss League Calendar for opportunities to represent, advocate, and recruit.  
  4. Get busy. Go forth and be awesome.  Represent.  Advocate.  Recruit.  Repeat. (Read the handbook!)
  5. Report back to Curtiss League Central sharing your efforts   

Initial Opportunities to be Awesome:

  1. Post “Proud new member of the #CurtissLeague” on Facebook 
  2. Tweet “Proud new member of the #CurtissLeague” 
  3. Proudly display awesomeness at the office and share photos with the college
  4. Identify potential CALS students for recruitment 
  5. Provide new ideas to Curtiss League Central to help spread the word on CALS awesomeness

Begin the Journey of Awesomeness:

Curtiss League Handbook

​The handbook will be a great tool to get you started with important dates, resources and CALS information

Check out the Curtiss League Calendar

We have many opportunities throughout the year for you to participate as a Curtiss League member! 

2017 Curtiss League

Meet the Curtiss League Central Team